Day one in Moscow

We arrived at one of Moscow’s beautiful train stations at about 7am this morning, everyone was so tired! Sasha, our lovely vodkatrain honcho, met us at the station and took us to the hostel where we got our heads down for a couple of hours. He hostel is so nice! Really clean and bright and the added bonus is that we’re in our own dorm, no extra people – in addition to Aussie Tom – to snore and keep us awake.

When everyone felt a little more rested we set off to explore Moscow. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but St Petersburg really reminded me of New York; really wide streets, lots of snow, large parks (in reference to Central Park) and a great wide river full of floating ice. I half expected to see the Statue of Liberty as we crossed the bridge. Moscow also reminds me of New York, but in a completely different way. It has the huge buildings which tower over the streets, streets have nine lanes of cars and there are lots of expensive designer shops. 

Moscow is also very hilly, St Petersburg was very flat. Florine pointed this out and I honestly wouldn’t have noticed if she hadn’t said, but I guess Holland is very flat so hills are more noticeable for her. We chuckled about this whilst walking to the Kremlin. Unfortunately we got there too late and it closed after we joined the queue, we’re going to try again tomorrow. We did however see St Basils Cathedral in the Red Square, such a beautiful building. It’s like a bigger and bolder version of the Cathedral of the saviour of Spilled Blood in st Petersburg.

We went for a stroll around the city, taking in all the lovely Christmas decorations on the huge department stores and more brightly colours buildings – similar to St Petersburg. After grabbing some traditional Russian quisine for lunch in a gorgeous little cafe, Sasha took us on a tour of some of Moscow’s most beautiful metro stations. Now this might sound a bit strange, however, some of the metro stations are absolutely beautiful, they put the London Underground to shame! There’s a selection of photos below.

As we’re all really tired from the train journey we stayed in the hostel this evening and chilled with some beers and a film. Just like being at home. We’ve planned an action packed day of sight seeing tomorrow, with a bright and early start at 9am! Wish me luck…